Sunrise In The Pier

 Added to September 24, 2019
Sep 242019

I work on the beach and so I thought I should wake up early and head down to photograph the sunrise, then walk right to my job. I normally only wake up when I have to, so let’s just say – it’s been a while since I saw a sunrise… It was beautiful. I forgot how tranquil it feels. I’m going to do this every week.

I used the android app “TPE” or “The Photographer’s Ephemeris” to plan my location. Simple but awesome app. It allows you to drop a pin on a map and see rise and set locations and times for the sun and moon. I knew exactly where to park and get ready for the sun to interact with the pier.

Plastic Bottle Caps

 Added to September 8, 2019
Sep 082019

I went for a swim in the ocean today. I then walked the beach looking at shells and found a bottle cap, then another, and another. In not even 5 minutes I gathered all these tops…. We can do better than this. We need to end single use plastics. We need to stop being careless slobs. We need to start soon.

Hurricane, The Playlist

 Added to September 4, 2019
Sep 042019

I use this website to share art. This time I am sharing a music playlist… As Hurricane Dorian rolls in (my first hurricane experience) we are buying food, water, charging batteries, and getting ready. I decided to make a playlist on Spotify for the occasion… This is a Hurricane playlist of every song I could find named “Hurricane” totaling over 25 hours of music. (I think this is conceptual art)

Textures In The Sand

 Added to September 1, 2019
Sep 012019

A lot of great textures at the beach today. Dark and light sand mixing together. Usually I add motion effects, create crazy patterns, all sorts of image editing, but no need for that – looks perfect as it is.

Living by the beach and seeing the constant change makes me feel like I need to start a body of work about it.

The Dreaming State