Shark Teeth

 Added to October 21, 2019
Oct 212019

I have been looking for shark teeth for over a year and never found any. I guess I just didn’t know how to look, or what exactly to look for… Today, I made a deal with the devil (or someone, I never did specify a beings name) and a moment after I uttered the words, I saw a shark tooth… then another… and another. I now have a new hobby.

Fun Fact: A shark can go through about 30,000 teeth in their lifetime. Also, sharks have been around for about 430 million years – so there are actually a LOT of teeth in the ocean! That blows my mind.

The Birds, Edit

 Added to October 18, 2019
Oct 182019

When you spend much of your free time photographing sun rise and set, you have to find new ways of making the same thing look new. Go wide, zoom in, tilt the camera, shift the focus. In this image I wanted to make the foreground as meaningful as the background.

There were a bunch of birds hanging out on the beach. I set my camera then walked through them taking man exposures. They flew around then came back to the same spot. I did it again and again… In post, I blended a bunch of images into one, when allowed me to choose where birds are in the sky. The pier is clear in view, but silhouettes cover the rest of the scene. It’s okay to lie, sometimes.

Warp And Bend

 Added to October 10, 2019
Oct 102019

This image looks simple, but the process is not… I took a photograph then cut it in half. I then selected one single row of pixels along the side and copied them to a new canvas. I copied and rotated that line of pixels around again and again until it created a circle. Lastly, I copied the upper right corner of the circle, brought it back into the original document, and put it between the halves making it look like it is bent.

Imagine an image like this printed and put in an L shaped frame that curves around a fireplace mantle, or something. I think that would be quite something. Quite the conversation piece… Others simply edit photographs – I warp and bend them.

Photo Patterns Project

 Added to October 5, 2019
Oct 052019

Over the past year, I challenged myself to create a new photo pattern nearly every single day and post them to Instagram… I don’t really like Instagram, so I just deleted my account, but now I have well over 200 weird patterns from this project, and a TON of custom Photoshop actions to create them.

Here is a short video I made quickly just to display them all. Really shows a wide range of digital media too: Photography using Nikon and Fujifilm cameras, processing in Adobe Photoshop, video editing in Adobe Premiere, and even the audio track was recorded, manipulated, and mixed in Adobe Audition.

The Dreaming State