Landing in Philadelphia

 Added to December 24, 2019
Dec 242019

I don’t really like flying. I usually get stressed out, and even though driving is far more dangerous, I always assume I’m going to crash on a plane. If I traveled more often that would probably change… I always get a window seat though, because I absolutely love seeing the world from a different perspective. This is my view landing in Philadelphia at night. The city lights of Philly look like the complex motherboard of some super computer.

RIP Ram Dass

 Added to December 23, 2019
Dec 232019

RIP Ram Dass. 1931-2019.

This man had a huge impact on my life, helped me through some very hard times, made me laugh, made me cry, and made me realize I have so much to learn about life. I never met him, but his countless hours of lectures, talks, and stories have made him my teacher. People like this die, but never go away… Remember: We’re all just walking each other home.

Banana Art

 Added to December 22, 2019
Dec 222019

Just realized I had all the makings of $120,000 art here in my house. Decided to include two bananas to go the extra conceptual mile… At first glance I dissed Maurizio Cattelan for his “Comedian” piece. With more thought though, he might be genius. It seems to be a joke, sarcasm, and a statement about art today. It’s like he gave the finger to the art world, and still they took out their wallets and handed them over.

Folly Beach Pier Construction

 Added to December 11, 2019
Dec 112019

This image on it’s own is not anything spectacular or fascinating. It’s a nice composition, but nothing special. What gives this image importance is that soon this pier will no longer exist. What has been around for 25 years and walked on by thousands will soon be nothing but air.

It is likely that after the busy season in 2020, the pier will close down and deconstruction will begin. The good news is that a new one is planned to be built, however we will have to wait about 2 years for it all to come together. I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting.

Out Of Focus

 Added to December 2, 2019
Dec 022019

Focus is overrated… Okay, perhaps I am getting a little conceptual here, but if you think about it, photographers (in the modern digital age especially) seem to be obsessed with the crisp and perfect image. So in a world of all sharp photographs, one that breaks those rules stands out.

When I photograph sunsets I look for that interesting view. Today I couldn’t find it – that silhouette, that object, that perspective. There was just nothing different to point my camera at, and I didn’t want just a plain old sunset – so I turned my lens until I everything was WAY out of focus. Suddenly, there it was, the alternative view I was searching for.

The Dreaming State