Rainy Winter

 Added to February 20, 2020
Feb 202020

I’ve had enough of these grey and rainy days. I’m going through sunset withdrawal. Beach withdrawal. Don’t get me wrong, I have not forgotten how frigid cold and snowy winters up north are. I am glad to now have to deal with that. That said, it is hard being on the beach every day but the rain keeps me from enjoying it. Soon enough the sun will be back!

Foggy Waves

 Added to February 12, 2020
Feb 122020

Really thick fog rolled into Folly Beach this morning. I was on my way into work, but decided to drive to the pier instead. I made a video on the farthest edge of the pier just after sunrise. Who needs coffee to wake up when you got something like this.

Starfish Rescue Squad

 Added to February 10, 2020
Feb 102020

Today I saw a washed up starfish moving around, so I saved her life (so I like to think) by tossing her back in the water. I then got my pants soaked and shoes filled with water by running after a can of beer floating in the waves. I did get a free beer koozie out of it though!

Tiny Mountains

 Added to February 2, 2020
Feb 022020

A photographers main role is to look how others do not look. To see things from perspectives that transform them. To do more than just crop and print. Take for example this image. On a beach covered in sand I somehow was able to create rolling green hills, as if we are in Ireland… There may not be any mountains at the beach, but with the right lens and the right perspective, you can move mountains.