HOPE Album Cover Art

 Added to February 6, 2020
Feb 062020

Every so often I take on a creative project that feels special to me… I was contacted to design the cover art for the album “Hope” by percussionist Jacob Cole. The album is a double CD of 24 tracks featuring planetary designs blended over the handpan – a percussive instrument that sounds unlike anything – along with guests on violin, bass, and guitar.

I say this as a critic of music, not because I had any part in the album, but it is honestly out of this world (pun intended). I fell in love with the Lunar CD especially, listening to it on repeat while creating art, or before bed. Mellow, full of melodies, and able to put your mind in a meditation-like state… Support the musician, and give his music a listen. Listen to the album on Spotify and purchase the CD.

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