Shane’s Country Store

 Added to March 30, 2020
Mar 302020

A few weeks ago I stocked up on some food and essential supplies because I knew virus numbers would rise, and didn’t want to go to the store too often. My spare room looks like a tiny convenience store, so I broke into my crafting supplies and made a sign for the door. Now it’s legit. (maybe this pandemic is making me go crazy)

Camellias Of Hampton Park

 Added to March 22, 2020
Mar 222020

While living through this confusing coronavirus situation, here is today’s positive thought… We took our dog Piper for a walk at Hampton Park and saw so many beautiful flowers. This tree (or shrub) of camellias were quite the sight. Funny how something as little as a colorful tree can change your day.

Colorful Beach Bubbles

 Added to March 18, 2020
Mar 182020

I never thought I would live through some movie-like pandemic. This virus is really starting to mess with emotions, and I’m sure it’ll only get worse. That said, I am going to attempt to put out some positive thoughts to keep things “happy”. Today I walked the beach and realized how much I love those days where the sea foam turns all different colors in the sun. Pretty trippy stuff.

Sand Dollar Saved

 Added to March 14, 2020
Mar 142020

I have been waiting to find a full sand dollar on the beach, but I never thought it would be alive! I found this cute gal in the sand, washed up by a wave. Made a quick photograph then tossed it back like a frisbee. Hopefully she lives on… or maybe I’ll find her skeleton someday.

Supermom Over Folly Pier

 Added to March 9, 2020
Mar 092020

I headed down to Folly Beach to photograph the supermoon. It was a bit cloudy, but the moon finally peeked up. I knew exactly the shot I wanted, with the pier included, and so I planned out my visit by using the app The Photographer’s Ephemeris which shows you exactly where the moon or sun rises and sets. This allowed me to set up in exactly the right spot… then just wait.

The Dreaming State