Litter Cleanup

 Added to April 27, 2020
Apr 272020

We take our dog on a walk around the neighborhood every day, and I always get so bothered by all the litter. It is near a shopping center, so there are a lot of people – and a lot of people means some of them are awful human beings… Today, in my spare time, I walked around with gloves and picked up every piece of trash I could see. Sure, it’ll just get bad again soon, but imagine if we all did this once in a while.

Microscope Spider

 Added to April 19, 2020
Apr 192020

Got a new camera lens today. It is an adapter to fit a microscope. I have a few powerful optics that really let you look at the world in a new way. I found a really tiny spider in my place, and was shocked to see the detail up close. Sorry, not sorry.

Weird Easter Egg

 Added to April 12, 2020
Apr 122020

We had eggs but no dye kits, so I had to get creative. This is an egg dipped in glue and rolled in rosemary, because why not? I’m quite proud of this one. Pretty sure this is art too.

Work From Home Office

 Added to April 10, 2020
Apr 102020

My work-from-home office has color-changing lights everywhere, a LoupeDeck+ for color processing, and a collection of cool seashells. I don’t mind it too much… Luckily, I had already worked from home at past jobs, and so I am quite used to the work / home separation. I also have a fairly powerful computer and a lot of good music!

Custom Fabric Mask

 Added to April 5, 2020
Apr 052020

I got bored, dug out the old sewing machine, and made this face mask. It contains 4 different materials as well as the option for an N95 respirator to fit inside. The outside is a photo I took, manipulated, and printed onto fabric. These masks are starting to make a fashion statement.

The Dreaming State