Pelicans In A Line

 Added to June 23, 2020
Jun 232020

The world record for longest single line of pelicans in flight goes to…

Technics Turntable

 Added to June 21, 2020
Jun 212020

My turntable broke, so I had my parents mail me their old one. I spent most of today disassembling this Technics turntable (from 1984, the year I was born), painting all the pieces black and silver, then putting it back together. The slipmat is an Alex Grey painting, and the tablecloth is a photo-pattern I created and printed onto fabric.

Subwoofer Solutions

 Added to June 15, 2020
Jun 152020

I just got some nice 5.1 speakers for music and movies, but my new subwoofer wouldn’t fit under my side table, the only place it can go. I am a very smart person, and creative, so I came up with a solution involving a saw. Folks, this is why more companies need to hire creative people – we get things done.

Io Moth

 Added to June 7, 2020
Jun 072020

Okay, one more “Disney” moment with bugs to share. Last night, this io moth found her way to my front door, and I got to admire her patterns for about 10 minutes before she flew from my hand into the sky. Moments like these are what life is all about.

The Dreaming State