Added to July 31, 2020
Jul 312020

So I did a thing. I bought a OneWheel. It’s basically a self-balancing skateboard that has one large rubber wheel. That said, it’s not too easy, but you pick up quick. Been riding this thing all around. Since the wheel is basically a go-kart wheel, it can handle a lot of rough terrain. I’ve been around neighborhoods, trails in the woods, and even up and down the beach! I bring my camera with me all the time, so I can explore and make new content on the go.

Palmetto Bug Visitor

 Added to July 30, 2020
Jul 302020

The South is so weird that we have cockroaches, which are gross enough, that can fly. These are called Palmetto Bugs, and they are quite frightening, but also pretty interesting to watch. I had a visitor on my balcony the other night, and decided to hang out and photograph her. I couldn’t believe all the amazing detail on her body. Drop dead gorgeous, am I right?

Storm At Sunset

 Added to July 14, 2020
Jul 142020

This is why you always bring a camera, even if you just want to relax and walk the beach. We headed out to Folly Beach to catch a sunset, but a large storm passed by just as the sky was getting colorful. From a distance, it was quite the sight.

Frédéric Chopin Records

 Added to July 11, 2020
Jul 112020

Music is a huge influence to me, not just a hobby. I don’t necessarily play anything myself, but I literally always have to have music playing around the house – especially when making art. I just grabbed this 50 year old box set, still sealed, and came with 12 LPs of compositions by Frédéric Chopin. All for under 20 bucks. Nothing better than some solo piano.

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