Don’t Trust Photography

 Added to October 28, 2020
Oct 282020

It was a really grey and dull day here in Charleston, so I decided to have some fun in Photoshop. I have a love/hate relationship with editing and manipulation. I love altering photos, but also find it a bit weird that you can take an awfully boring photo and make it look like some beautiful postcard with a little effort. I picked out a sunset sky from a better day and gave this image some color. Don’t trust photography. It might be a blatant lie.

End Of An Era

 Added to October 19, 2020
Oct 192020

The Pier on Folly Beach is now closed. They are tearing the Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier down and replacing it with a new solid concrete structure, but it’ll take over 2 years to build. Of course, I had to grab my camera and give her one last visit. I walked on it one last time, then went down to the sand to get this tranquil reflection.

Fall Pumpkins

 Added to October 17, 2020
Oct 172020

Fall is upon us. I really like fall in the South because it’s still nice out, but not super hot and humid. We visited a corn maze and got some pumpkins to carve. I’m not very good at it, but I usually try to take some weird or conceptual approach to the artistic endeavor.

Lazy Photography

 Added to October 8, 2020
Oct 082020

Sometimes I bring my camera with me, but don’t want to put in any effort, so I don’t. I mean, sometimes I just want to be present and enjoy the beach, not focus on image making. I usually set my camera to aperture priority, pick some settings, then just click and don’t think about it. Later, I look through the images to see if I accidentally made something good. Usually I do.

The Dreaming State