Alice’s Restaurant

 Added to November 26, 2020
Nov 262020

Over 10 years ago I photoshopped my face onto this Arlo Guthrie album cover. Just found the file while looking through my messy hard drive… If you don’t know why this is important today, on Thanksgiving, then you are not as cool as you thought. A good movie too.

Tiny Camera

 Added to November 17, 2020
Nov 172020

My camera broke, so I sent it in to hopefully get fixed up. I suspect I will not have it back for many weeks. Until then, I will be using a tiny camera that is smaller than my thumb, the DJI Pocket 2. I bought this thing mainly for video on the go, which it does astonishingly well, but it’s not too good for photography. I mean, how can you compare a big sensor and glass to this little thing. Still, it shoots RAW DNG files, and if you know how to edit, you can make it pop.

It Comes In Waves

 Added to November 15, 2020
Nov 152020

I love manipulating photos and videos with mirror effects. Just something that has always been my “go to” in making. I was downtown by the coast and noticed how the waves were crashing up against the rocks. I filmed it for a while, then went home and added movement and symmetry.

Leaf Prints

 Added to November 13, 2020
Nov 132020

This is one of my favorite things to find. It’s just nature, happenstance, but when you look at it, it becomes art.


 Added to November 11, 2020
Nov 112020

Been very rainy, which is typical of Charleston at times. On rainy days I usually go through old forgotten photographs and play around with them. I made this today. To me, it has some energy and movement that it didn’t used to have.

The Dreaming State