Jupiter Saturn Alignment, Not

 Added to December 21, 2020
Dec 212020

Took this photograph tonight of Jupiter and Saturn aligning, and some moons. This was the closest they have visibly been in centuries. Simply amazing… Just kidding. I painted some blobs in Photoshop and you thought it was real for a few seconds.

Charleston Pineapple Fountain

 Added to December 20, 2020
Dec 202020

The pineapple fountain is the iconic tourist vision of “Charleston” and one of the single most photographed things here. I decided it was my turn to make my pineapple fountain photo – I just did it a little differently.

Birthday Beach Fog

 Added to December 13, 2020
Dec 132020

I try to get out to the beach for my birthday. You never know what you are going to get at the beach, but it’s always calming and great for a quick recharge. This evening was a pretty “blah” day. However, we got out on the sand and this really thick fog rolled in. Then a ton of seagulls joined us. I started filming. It was the perfect birthday present.

Surrealistic My Pillow

 Added to December 9, 2020
Dec 092020

While on the subject of manipulating album covers… I had a moment of inspiration and had to make this stupid meme. It’s really dumb, but I hope someone who knows Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow (a brilliantly amazing album, by the way) and the My Pillow guy gets a little laugh in.

The Dreaming State