End Of An Era

 Added to October 19, 2020
Oct 192020

The Pier on Folly Beach is now closed. They are tearing the Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier down and replacing it with a new solid concrete structure, but it’ll take over 2 years to build. Of course, I had to grab my camera and give her one last visit. I walked on it one last time, then went down to the sand to get this tranquil reflection.

Fall Pumpkins

 Added to October 17, 2020
Oct 172020

Fall is upon us. I really like fall in the South because it’s still nice out, but not super hot and humid. We visited a corn maze and got some pumpkins to carve. I’m not very good at it, but I usually try to take some weird or conceptual approach to the artistic endeavor.

Lazy Photography

 Added to October 8, 2020
Oct 082020

Sometimes I bring my camera with me, but don’t want to put in any effort, so I don’t. I mean, sometimes I just want to be present and enjoy the beach, not focus on image making. I usually set my camera to aperture priority, pick some settings, then just click and don’t think about it. Later, I look through the images to see if I accidentally made something good. Usually I do.

Day & Night

 Added to September 28, 2020
Sep 282020

I went to the beach to photograph the sunrise. At night, I was processing some images and wondered if I could process half to look like a warm vibrant sunrise, and half like a moon at night. I kind of like the graphical qualities to this image.


 Added to September 17, 2020
Sep 172020

Almost stepped on this little toad while I was outside walking. Thought it was a bug at first. I grabbed my camera and an experimental macro lens. Not the best image, I’ll admit that, but it kinda worked. Look at this teeny-tiny itty-bitty little dude… and yea, that’s a quarter for reference.

Spinning Spinning Spinning

 Added to September 15, 2020
Sep 152020

In the photography community there is a term ICM, which means “Intentional Camera Movement”. Basically it means moving the camera around while making a long exposure. I personally think ICM is a really stupid term because, (1) of course the camera is moving and (2) I would hope you meant to do that! It just seems like unneeded clarification. Like, if I were to invent a term ZITIBOTB, meaning “Zoomed In To Intentionally Blur Out The Background”. Anyway, I have been making ICM time to time for fun without even knowing the term. Here is one from tonight on the beach.

Saturate It

 Added to September 2, 2020
Sep 022020

Don’t hesitate, saturate… There is a common “disgust” in the medium of photography for over-processed images. Generally, I understand it. People don’t want newbies to boost the heck out of a sub-par image just to get eyes on it, or the traditional crowd really wants things that look natural and unedited. I get it, but I also think sometimes it is fun to work an image so hard it becomes something surreal and different. Maybe a few of those newbies are onto something.

Radiant Cloud

 Added to August 28, 2020
Aug 282020

As everyone knows by Sometimes I like a manipulated photograph just as much as the regular, untouched photo. This becomes a predicament because I don’t like the idea of having two “final products” that are so similar. I really like this weird radiant or even pushed-in fabric kind of look – but the original is enticing as well. I guess I’ll have to think about this one.


 Added to August 25, 2020
Aug 252020

As I continue my experimentations with pixel stretching, I had the idea of pulling tons of little rows of pixels outward. The process is quite simple, but involved as well. Every single layer means rotating the entire canvas and imagining how the end product should look… Many times I’ll go out with my camera and just photograph what grabs my attention. Usually I process one and then try to turn it into something more than just a photo of clouds.

The Bent Photograph

 Added to August 20, 2020
Aug 202020

What if you could grab onto a photograph and stretch it apart, bend and twist it, as if it was made of metal. The idea seemed simple in my mind, but the process was quite involved. I basically cut an image in half, selected one column of pixels, then duplicated and rotated that around to make a complete circle. Then I cut the circle in half and brought the image back in. Now we have a sunset that is bowed.