Sculptr in Virtual Reality

 Added to January 26, 2021
Jan 262021

As mentioned before, I recently upgraded to the Oculus Quest 2 for Virtual Reality. I love how you can use it without a computer when you want… My new favorite pastime is making silly little 3D scenes by sculpting in VR… Last night I sculpted and painted a beach scene, then had the idea of a sea turtle and a starfish as best friends. It might not be the most beautiful as far as quality goes, but there’s something special about that too.

My Childhood in VR

 Added to January 14, 2021
Jan 142021

I am not much of a gamer these days, but I am a huge enthusiast of Virtual Reality. I recently upgraded to the Oculus Quest 2, and found a way to get the old 1996 versions of Quake running in full 360 3D. This was the single most important game of my childhood. Totally geeking out here.

Now, I will admit, I have not gotten motion sickness from VR in years, but this game got me good. I felt sick all night. I didn’t leave the couch for 2 hours. That said, nothing was more fun than hearing some Nine Inch Nails soundtrack and blasting a Nail Gun. I felt like I was in middle school again, but actually INSIDE the game.

Goodbye 2020, You Suck

 Added to January 11, 2021
Jan 112021

I created a new tradition when I moved to Charleston. Every new year I go to the ocean, find a shell, and write the date on it. I then return the shell to the ocean when the year ends. I’m a little late this year, but… something tells me the 2020 shell does not deserve to survive, so I smashed it with a hammer and threw the pieces in the garbage. Goodbye 2020, you suck.

Pennsylvania Winters

 Added to January 7, 2021
Jan 072021

Here is a little flashback to last week when I was in Pennsylvania. I was visiting my parents for the holidays and packed light, as far as photography goes. The only thing I brought was the DJI Pocket 2, because my real camera is still broken, and might not be repairable… Got to love the mix of cold snow and warm colors.

Hieronymus Bosch Calendar

 Added to January 1, 2021
Jan 012021

A few weeks ago I looked at my calendar and saw written “Buy a Hieronymus Bosch Calendar”. I must had wrote it in there months prior, and I honestly don’t recall at all. Anyway, I listened to myself and got a Bosch calendar for 2021. This Dutch painter was alive in the 1400’s and yet was creating the most bizarre, surreal, and psychedelic work I have ever seen… Anyway, I am not sure if this is a bad omen, but here’s to 2021.

The Dreaming State