Circular Photo Pattern

 Added to February 27, 2021
Feb 272021

I always seem to come back to pattern design when I am not sure what to do. The whole kaleidoscopic mirroring thing is a bit “too easy” if you know what I mean. We are inherently attracted to symmetry and complex things, so any image you can slap a “reflection” on and it’s interesting. But I have been doing it since I was a kid in MS Paint, so it stuck with me. Because of this, I always try to go a step farther with the process, in hopes it gains more “credibility” or whatever.

Think Differently

 Added to February 21, 2021
Feb 212021

The best photography is simple moments that we don’t normally take notice of. When out with a camera, you have to force yourself to think differently. Look where no one else is looking. That is where the good stuff is. Then take it home with you.


 Added to February 15, 2021
Feb 152021

I just sold off all my camera equipment and got a tiny point-and-shoot. I wanted something I could toss in my pocket. Let’s see how long I can create with this without feeling limited… I must say, I am quite pleased with this camera. The Canon G5X Mark II is not cheap, but it’s packed with everything an “on the go” photographer could ask for. A 1 inch 20mp sensor, wide to 120mm zoom, and a 1.8 aperture lens – kind of shocking for a compact camera. Best of all, it has a little pop-up viewfinder. Not bad.

Large Format Camera

 Added to February 12, 2021
Feb 122021

Eight years ago today I was shooting with large format on 4×5 film. Fast forward. Now I have a masters in photography, but sold off all my gear, and am in the market for a tiny point-and-shoot camera instead. Not even sure where I am going at this point!

Palmetto Tree in VR

 Added to February 11, 2021
Feb 112021

I went into Virtual Reality with the goal of sculpting a Palmetto Tree. I find that I have a creative mind in terms of concepts, but not as much with “creating” forms from scratch. I think my analytical mind is more interested in seeing something and recreating it. And so, here is my palmetto tree… I think it needs something else, so I might add a friendly crab and some pirate treasure this weekend.

The Dreaming State