Vaccinated and Happy

 Added to April 28, 2021
Apr 282021

Today was wonderful… I’m fully vaccinated (got my Bill Gates 5G mind control nano bots), and for the first time in what feels like forever, I went to a bar show. I thought it was going to be weird, awkward, uncomfortable – but I instantly felt like I was back in 2019 again (subtle laugh). Seeing everyone’s smiling faces, hearing music, and dancing… it was just perfect.

Feeding Turtles

 Added to April 23, 2021
Apr 232021

Sometimes you just need to take a break from everything, step outside, and feed kale to a turtle. I’ll be honest, most of them didn’t care to eat it, which is odd, but this little guy crawled up out of the water for a bite!

Melting Photographs

 Added to April 11, 2021
Apr 112021

Every so often I get sick of taking photographs, and I decide to melt them instead. I basically warp an image into itself in really small ways, then do it over and over hundreds of times. I created a process that saves each step as a frame, then when combined you get a very strange “melting” effect.

Over And Over

 Added to April 5, 2021
Apr 052021

A new body of work seems to be in progress, but I am mostly just experimenting and playing around, and hoping a collection forms. I developed a process in Photoshop where I manipulate an image into itself over and over, in a loop, until the pixels melt apart. I then combined that back with the original image. I like that strange balance between abstract and photographic.

Tree Textures

 Added to April 4, 2021
Apr 042021

Went for a nice walk today and found a really cool tree. Here is a small piece of it. That’s all.

The Dreaming State