Another Day

 Added to August 18, 2021
Aug 182021

Creating right now is kind of strange because I am just playing around with photographs. I make something and I don’t know if it is a waste of time or if it is going to be printed and framed. All artists go through this. It’s just a period of uncertainty, but you have to remember that with every click, you ARE bring productive no matter what. Another day, another image. Keep moving forward.

Four Things

 Added to August 16, 2021
Aug 162021
  • Water
  • Ship
  • Charleston
  • Orange

New Friends

 Added to August 1, 2021
Aug 012021

I hung out with some new friend this morning. Almost every day before noon, a bunch of dragonflies buzz around the bushes and land on longer branches. Something magical about them. I grabbed my camera and tried to sweet talk them into staying still. I make a lot of bug friends here.