Geek Metaverse Rant

 Added to October 28, 2021
Oct 282021

Think what you will about Zuckerberg or Facebook or any of that stuff… but if you watched the Connect 2021 conference and didn’t get a little giddy about the future, you are not the sci-fi nerd that I am (as I sit here in Photoshop touching-up a fantastical planetary scene I sculpted in VR).

I’m SO excited to see where Virtual and Augmented Reality take us: Facial expression tracking systems, control electronics in your home by looking at them, virtual workspaces for remote work and creative collaboration, beaming someone into your physical room to play a game of chess 500 miles away – or even owning rare NFTs and displaying them in full digital 3D inside your home… It’s still a “long” way out, and of course there are countless negative aspects – but this kind of stuff gets me so excited to be alive in this weird and unsettling time.

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