Added to November 30, 2021
Nov 302021

While I spent some time in a tiny cabin in the mountains, I really focused on “seeing”. To someone outside of the arts or photography, that sounds ridiculous, but to us, seeing is a really important skill. I went out every morning and every night with my camera, just looking for things that had texture, color, pattern, and feeling to them. Here were three images that I felt worked really well together to explain my attempt to “see” while out in nature.

Virtual Reality Sculpting

 Added to November 28, 2021
Nov 282021

I was hired to create art for a company website. It was an amazing experience because they gave me a few vague ideas of what they wanted, but let me take complete control on the entire project. Since I am such a Virtual Reality enthusiast, I decided to sculpt every piece entirely in VR (using Adobe Medium and Masterpiece Studio). I then textured and rendered each separate part on my computer (using Marmoset Toolbag), then edited each piece into a single scene (using Adobe Photoshop). It also includes a photograph I took, of course.

Although the final work was mainly for a website background, I worked on a huge canvas, so the final image can be printed out HUGE with stunning colors and details. Might be time for a few NFT’s… This is where Orman is currently exploring, and he’s going places!

Tiny Cabin

 Added to November 26, 2021
Nov 262021

I am staying in a tiny cabin in the mountains for a few long days. I adore the ocean, but the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains really got me feeling at home. I have been waking up to see the sunrise, walking my dog along the river, and photographing the stars at night. I instantly love this place, and hereby swear I will someday live in a small cabin – somewhere.

Paint + PC

 Added to November 22, 2021
Nov 222021

As artists, we want to always fit things into boxes. It’s photography, or digital art, or sculpture. We also need to divide things up, because sometimes there is a place for one and not the other. That said, I really do love when different mediums work together, and become more than each alone.

This started as a painting. I painted with bright colors under a blacklight. I then photographed it and manipulated the imagery in Photoshop. I don’t plan to stop there, for I am now going to cut them up and create animations with the paintings. What was a painting became a photograph, then digital art, then video.

The Beach Is Gone

 Added to November 9, 2021
Nov 092021

Change is inevitable. Living near the ocean really allows you to realize how much things are constantly changing. We had some really powerful waves, and the king tides ate away at a lot of the sand. I went to visit the ocean to find out the beach is gone. But this is life. Ebb and flow.

The Dreaming State