Hourglass Of Blood

 Added to December 21, 2021
Dec 212021

I love experimenting with all kinds of imaging methods and processes. My father is a doctor. When I was young he would bring home his office’s powerful microscope for me to play with. It always blew my mind how things look up close… Years later I got an adapter for my camera.

I have tried everything from pond scum to my own blood. While exploring my blood, I came across this little area where cells were squeezing between air bubbles and thought – this is like some kind of biological hourglass.

Nearly Full And Forever

 Added to December 17, 2021
Dec 172021

I went out to catch the sunset, but was really inspired by the moon and wispy, colored clouds. When I got home to review the images, I realized I got a little blurry powerline in the image, so the only good shot, the moon was way up in the frame. Problems are good, because they create problem-solving. I then found a playful and surreal way to make the image work.

Eat Sushi

 Added to December 12, 2021
Dec 122021

When plans fall through, go get some sushi, then make new plans… All I wanted was to go bowling for my birthday, something I have not done in years. We got to the alley and there was over an hour wait for a lane. I was incredibly disappointed. We left and walked down the road. “Let’s stop and get some sushi”, I said.

We then met the most fabulous waiter who told us to check out this other bowling alley in another part of town. We went and got a lane right away, some fancy drinks, and then I bowled a 186! Six strikes! Maybe I should join a league?

Art Every Day

 Added to December 9, 2021
Dec 092021

I try to make an image every day, just something, anything. Usually it’s new, sometimes it’s revisiting something old. It’s kind of for you, but mostly for myself. It’s a part of my practice as a maker.

I took my dog out this morning and noticed the way the light was coming through these trees. I knew it wouldn’t last long, so I ran back inside to grab my Fujifilm camera, a long lens, and back out. It was nice to know that the day hardly began, and I knew I had my image. All I had to do was edit the file.

Music Is Life

 Added to December 1, 2021
Dec 012021

Usually my blog is about art and creativity, but music is the biggest part of my life. I am always listening when at work, in the car, or especially when making art. In 2021, the Spotify “Year In Review” informed me that I listened to 103,815 minutes of music. That’s almost 2,000 hours, or 72 straight days of non-stop music. Weird brag, but this is my highest number yet… Not to mention my vinyl record collection that isn’t counted!

The Dreaming State