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 Added to February 7, 2022
Feb 072022

My art photography was recently published in Frames Magazine, a fairly new yet already prestigious international quarterly printed photography book… Seven images from my Self-Portraits series (2017) were selected, along with a few short writings of mine about creativity, inspiration, and devotion to art making. I spent 18 months making strange pictures of myself in a basement studio, had a solo exhibition of the final work, and now I am so happy to see it being printed in FRAMES.

Most importantly, I am incredibly humbled to be in the same volume as some really remarkable image makers. Ami Vitale (featured on the cover) is a National Geographic photographer, writer, and filmmaker and a Nikon Ambassador. Nick Brandt, whose work I have adored for years, uses his camera to point out mankind’s negative impact on animals and the environment, and also co-founded a foundation to help protect over a million acres of land. Clément Chéroux, the Chief Curator of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, gives an interview, along with works by Poulomi Basu, Bob Weil, Justyna Neryng, and Yi Sun.

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