In The Sky

 Added to March 13, 2022
Mar 132022

Many years ago, I was working on strange techniques in Photoshop. Today, I decided to try to blend one of them into a nice sunset photo I took (since that’s pretty much all I do with my free time). By enlarging random noise and blending it into itself, I created these weird vein-like textures. I created many layers of them, big and small, then worked the colors of the image until it felt complete.

Gollum The Cat

 Added to March 7, 2022
Mar 072022

Meet Gollum, of Middle-Earth… We went to the cat bar over the weekend and couldn’t say no to her. She is super friendly, needy, and loud. Already love this little Smeagol. While I am busy editing, Gollum cat likes to sit back here and judge my work. She’s tough, but she is a highly skilled critic.

Dead People Litter

 Added to March 3, 2022
Mar 032022

Time for a little angry rant… Dead people are dead. They don’t give a **** what their grave looks like. Stop putting fake plastic flowers near a rock to selfishly make yourself feel better. Your grief has no place in damaging our environment.

I rode by a big cemetery today, and literally EVERY grave had a bunch of fake flowers next to it. Not sure if this is some weird Netflix-like subscription for dead people where you always have flowers near your grave or what, but it’s ridiculous. Worst of all, of course, the wind takes these colorful pieces of plastic and spreads them all over. I was seeing them hundreds of feet away from the graveyard in the grass and woods. People on the biking path pick them up and jam them into trees, which looks “pretty” but is just temporary. Don’t be cheap. Buy real flowers. They are not that costly.


 Added to March 1, 2022
Mar 012022

This is probably my favorite image that I have made in a while. It came from nothingness – no plan and no end goal – and yet there it is. It has elements of graphic design, calming nature feels, and even ties to optical illusion. Not sure where this piece will fit into my work as a whole, but I know it will be one that gets printed and hung on a wall.

The Dreaming State