Dead People Litter

 Added to March 3, 2022
Mar 032022

Time for a little angry rant… Dead people are dead. They don’t give a **** what their grave looks like. Stop putting fake plastic flowers near a rock to selfishly make yourself feel better. Your grief has no place in damaging our environment.

I rode by a big cemetery today, and literally EVERY grave had a bunch of fake flowers next to it. Not sure if this is some weird Netflix-like subscription for dead people where you always have flowers near your grave or what, but it’s ridiculous. Worst of all, of course, the wind takes these colorful pieces of plastic and spreads them all over. I was seeing them hundreds of feet away from the graveyard in the grass and woods. People on the biking path pick them up and jam them into trees, which looks “pretty” but is just temporary. Don’t be cheap. Buy real flowers. They are not that costly.

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