Ninety Degrees and Partly Cloudy

 Added to May 23, 2022
May 232022

Ever since purchasing DxO PhotoLAB, I have been really enjoying looking through old images and trying to re-process them with less noise and more details. While working on this image, I decided I wanted to see if I could “bend” the pier at an angle. I’m a fan of “weird”.

Willow Puppy

 Added to May 14, 2022
May 142022

So… meet Willow Dog, the 8 week old, fluffy, 3.5lb tri corgi. She’s going to grow fast!

Project Parking Garage #4

 Added to May 10, 2022
May 102022

I started a new project. I noticed how many parking garages we have downtown, so I use Google Maps to plan out a spot, then take a ride with my camera. It’s funny going up in a garage just for the sunset, but honestly, it’s unlike anything else. Amazing views on all angles, and it just feels so freeing up there. This is Project Parking Garage #4.

10 Years Later

 Added to May 7, 2022
May 072022

Exactly 10 years ago today, I decided to stop eating meat. I don’t really care what you do, I am not one of those preachy vegetarians, but I love animals and this is one of the few things I am very proud of myself for… Ohh and here is a photo of me from exactly ten years ago too!

Up and Down

 Added to May 6, 2022
May 062022

In this video piece, I wanted to focus on nature, what is above and below, and also speak about time. The top image is a time-lapse, hours of recording compiled into a short quick video. The bottom is a slow motion video, a fast frame rate recording slowed down to look smooth. It’s simple both visually and conceptually, and there is something nice about that.

The Dreaming State