Two Worlds

 Added to June 16, 2022
Jun 162022

In my free time (especially late at night on weekends) I go into VR and fire up Microsoft Flight Simulator – an airplane flying sim that literally has the entire planet mapped out, some cities down to the houses and trees in full 3D. I pick a new place, like Paris, and fly through the clouds and streets. It is honestly the most crazy and breathtaking feeling… from just sitting in my office.

Anyway, I love those views. Being above the clouds. This image began with a shot from a real airplane, but I had the idea to flip it and see how I could make a scene work with a “two worlds” kind of idea. I tested out a few top images mixed with a few bottom, and this combination felt right. The foggy marsh mixes with the grassy farmlands – now just imagine if that was a thing?

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