(about the artist)

Hey. My name is Shane and I am an artist, thinker, dreamer, and futurist in Providence, Rhode Island. I was bored, so I got an MFA from The Ohio State University. My early 2000’s tour of various academic institutions also included a few years at Syracuse University, spending time in the Rhode Island School of Design’s photo program as a visiting student, as well as a year in the design department at Philadelphia University… All that said, I still like to think of myself as self-taught because although the technical can be learned and practiced, creativity comes from within.

My passion for digital imaging, automation, and data organization stretches in many directions, from self-developed macros for procedural manipulation in Photoshop, to an artificial intelligence prompt designing user interface and resources (used by thousands) for MidJourney AI, and even some weird Virtual Reality Sculpting in Medium & Masterpiece. Ohh I also kinda like video editing, and have created well over 2,000 vids in Premiere, from commercials on television to psychedelic artsy stuff… Experimentation is important to me, so I have utilized a plethora of imaging devices including large format film, experimental lenses, microscope optics, and even a collection of vintage cameras… I don’t like to “stand still” for too long, so I am not one of those artists who does the same thing over and over (except I never seem to get sick of trippy patterns).

When I am not creating, I enjoy chasing sunsets, making dope spreadsheets, spinning vinyl records, swimming in the ocean, riding my OneWheel, arguing about art, dancing to live music, and I’m slightly addicted to kombucha. If I had to choose between my sense of seeing or hearing, even as a visual artist, I would choose my ears because listening to music is more important to me than my art or career.

The Dreaming State