(about the artist)
The Artist

Shane McGeehan is a Digital Artist and Photographer currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. He works as an image and video editor, and is a full-time artist outside of the 9 to 5. Shane earned an MFA from The Ohio State University and a BFA from Syracuse University. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design as a visiting student to their photography department, and also spent a year at Philadelphia University studying graphic design.

Shane’s passion for digital imaging stretches in many directions, from Photoshop manipulation, to Illustrator vector design, and even 3D sculpting in Virtual Reality. Experimentation is an important part of his workflow. He has been known to utilize a plethora of imaging devices including flatbed scanners, large format film, microscope, endoscope, telescope, and even a collection of vintage cameras… When Shane is not creating imagery he enjoys talking about art, swimming in the ocean, crafting, painting, spinning vinyl, dancing, and cooking butternut squash.

The Art

Shane has received many awards for his personal work, an artist grant, and been in numerous group and solo shows. His solo shows tackle a wide range of interests and mediums, and he always strives to push the work in new directions rather than stay in the same place. While living in Pennsylvania after graduate school, Shane has held a solo show each year with all new bodies of work. He hopes to bring much of this work to South Carolina… The past few years: (2016) An audio-visual installation filled Altered States exhibition at AFA Gallery. (2017) Shane’s strange twist on traditional photography in Redefining Nature Photography at the CameraWork Gallery. (2018) A collection of surreal Self-Portraits at Waverly Small Works Gallery.

Shane’s work has been shown in man exhibitions including Phase Shift at the Urban Arts Space (2015 Ohio), Imagine the Fantastic at the LH Horton Jr Gallery (2015 California), and a public audio-visual performance at the NEPA Art Fair (2016 Pennsylvania). He was awarded the grand prize of Adobe Photoshop’s international image manipulation contest, the recipient of a University Fellowship at OSU, and chosen for the Judith Youshock Artist’s Grant.

In Visions, Laurie Otto and himself collaborated to photograph, manipulate, and construct surreal poetic narratives. This work is created by blending 50+ exposures into one image, and so the final photographs are printed large. In Forest Of Illumination Shane utilizes 4×5 film, large-scale printing, color changing lights, and a darkened space to put perception into question. In Dust to Dust he is photographing an object, burning it, and then making a print using the subjects own ashes. Every day Shane attempts to create something new to further his experimentation and exploration as an artist.