The Beach Is Gone

 Added to November 9, 2021
Nov 092021

Change is inevitable. Living near the ocean really allows you to realize how much things are constantly changing. We had some really powerful waves, and the king tides ate away at a lot of the sand. I went to visit the ocean to find out the beach is gone. But this is life. Ebb and flow.

Geek Metaverse Rant

 Added to October 28, 2021
Oct 282021

Think what you will about Zuckerberg or Facebook or any of that stuff… but if you watched the Connect 2021 conference and didn’t get a little giddy about the future, you are not the sci-fi nerd that I am (as I sit here in Photoshop touching-up a fantastical planetary scene I sculpted in VR).

I’m SO excited to see where Virtual and Augmented Reality take us: Facial expression tracking systems, control electronics in your home by looking at them, virtual workspaces for remote work and creative collaboration, beaming someone into your physical room to play a game of chess 500 miles away – or even owning rare NFTs and displaying them in full digital 3D inside your home… It’s still a “long” way out, and of course there are countless negative aspects – but this kind of stuff gets me so excited to be alive in this weird and unsettling time.

The Worth Of Art

 Added to October 24, 2021
Oct 242021

A few years ago I worked incredibly hard creating dozens of “Actions” in Adobe Photoshop in order to automate pattern design. The nice part about that is that I can now make really complex patterns with little work. All the work was done in the past.

This idea makes me think about the “worth” of art. Someone can spend just a half hour creating an image, so is that image only worth the price of 30 minutes of time – or does it also include the years of thinking, classes and education, time studying the work of others, and all the moments in their life put together?

Trouble Loading

 Added to October 7, 2021
Oct 072021

This was a fun image to make because I had no plan, and yet things just started leading themselves in the right direction. I blended a photo of seagrass with another image in order to “distort” it, almost like an old television loosing signal. I then painted in a sun, and brightened up the grass in the middle. Funny how things just come together like that, lacking any planning.

New Computer

 Added to October 2, 2021
Oct 022021

I have been editing so much video lately that I decided to go ahead and spend way too much on a new computer. Parts are so expensive right now that I ended up just getting a prebuilt for the GeForce 3080 GPU, added some hard drives, and more RAM. It’s a small ITX build, but darn it is powerful (for virtual reality as well!).

2D House

 Added to October 1, 2021
Oct 012021

I have some big news to share. I just purchased a new home. Sure, it only has one wall, no doors, technically zero square feet, and the balcony is only a few inches wide, but the price was modest… Okay none of that was true, but it’s interesting how a quick construction mock up can be so darn surreal.

Nature Being Nature

 Added to September 11, 2021
Sep 112021

When I go out with my macro lens, my view of the world changes. I can only shoot tiny things, so I start to notice them more. The way I see things becomes adjusted. Walking around the bushes, I noticed this little dying dragonfly dangling from a leaf, then saw a tiny bug holding it. Super creepy, but just nature being nature, I guess.

Slice Of The Beach

 Added to September 6, 2021
Sep 062021

Not very inspired today. Just one of those days where you take the camera out, but everything just looks ordinary. I then noticed this little stream in the beach sand. It’s not the most interesting image, but this small slice of the beach caught my eyes.

Street Light Rave

 Added to September 3, 2021
Sep 032021

I found a broken streetlight in my neighborhood, and thought… it’s time for a late night rave!


 Added to September 2, 2021
Sep 022021

Sometimes when I am busy working, I set up the camera on a tripod and record the sky for a few hours. It’s nice to be busy, but also know you are making imagery without any effort. I know it’s nothing new, a pretty common sight, but the way the clouds move is quite magical.

The Dreaming State