Laser Cymatics


Laser Cymatics

(vibrations altering reflected light)

Most people have heard of the phenomena that occurs when soundwaves alter matter, and this project is a variation on that. Laser Cymatics is an installation that involves a darkened room. Because of the faint quality of light, the work is difficult to document on video. I aimed lasers onto small containers of water with a mirror submerged at the bottom. Under the container of water is a special vibration speaker hooked up to a tone producing device. I then experimented with various frequencies, which altered the water, which then manipulated the beam of laser light that cast onto the wall. The final product is like a science experiment that creates a very surreal and psychedelic visual effect… Below are three videos of the installation in action.

One: 52.4Hz and Rising

Two: 53Hz and 52.9Hz

Three: 66.20Hz and 67.83Hz and 69.40Hz