MidJourney AI Prompter


MidJourney AI: Prompter

(ai prompt design, free resources)

In 2022 I got into AI imagery. It was still a rather new thing, not known about by many, but I knew it was going to change the world, design, art, and workflow. Since I love to teach, I created PrompterGuide in order to help others master MidJourney and create new things – because creativity makes us happy, and we all deserve to have fun and explore our imaginations.

Prompter Guide is an incredibly detailed and organized resource with visual examples, insightful blog posts, and even a feature-packed prompt design tool called Prompter. As MidJourney grows and evolves, I plan to keep this resource free and constantly updated, and with thousands of visitors per week and nearly 70k so far, I plan to keep things moving.

The Dreaming State