Photo Fabrics

(photography becomes textiles)

Since the days of MS Paint, creating patterns has always been a passion of mine. I dedicated one whole year to focus specifically on pattern making, and created a new pattern from a photograph nearly every day. In doing so, I developed a collection of 50+ Photoshop Actions to automate the pattern making process. Now, with one click I could turn any photo into a pattern, decide if I liked it or not, or even layer more method on top of it.

Photography is thought to be a framed print on a gallery wall, but this is no longer the case. The art world has pushed the boundaries of what “photography” is and can be. The goal here was to design patterns from photographs, then print them onto fabric. Below are a few examples of my work in textile form, as well as a large selection of photo-patterns from my archives.

Selected Patterns

The Dreaming State