(Version 2.8 is now available. Also, new dedicated website on the way.)

Prompter is my gift to the MidJourney AI creative community, and with thousands of users and a buzz on social media, I think we are onto something. Prompter is a Google based spreadsheet and document to assist in prompt writing and help in understanding of how everything works – from aspect ratios, to mediums, to parameters like stylize, and so much more. This project is completely free, though I appreciate all the donations and support many of you have given me… but first we should talk about MidJourney.

What is MidJourney?

MidJourney is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) powered tool for turning text into imagery. The user enters a prompt and the AI attempts to “understand” the language then outputs an original image that has never existed before. Now, the AI isn’t really “thinking” but rather is a diffusion model trained on billions of images and text. Among other similar systems (such as Dall-E 2, Craiyon, NightCafe, ArtBreeder, Disco Diffusion) what makes MidJourney stand out for me is its amazing amount of flexibility, painterly and surreal styles, amazing color and light, and the fact that it is so community driven. You can also get thousands of images on the Standard plan, something hardly possible on other AI platforms. Learn specific text to make amazing portraits, browse tons of keywords, study camera angles to help your perspective and so much more.

The project is now in open beta, so if you have a Discord account, click HERE to join the fun! To summarize, if you have never heard or seen text-to-image AI, it will blow your mind. No lie… And if you are new and overwhelmed, just read through my helpful MidJourney Notes and become a master!

What is Prompter?

After weeks and hours of studying imagery, researching prompt design, and compiling an organized database of descriptive terminology – I have put together an automated spreadsheet and multi-chapter Visual Notebook to assist in prompt creation. My goal was to make a tool that is both visually straightforward for new users, but also complex and comprehensive enough for the advanced crowd.

The Prompter interface has it all: Image URL input, optional custom weights on every item, simple checkboxes for parameters such as Stylize and Quality, seed control, and drop-down menus with a large database of descriptors. Select a popular aspect ratio, from your standard mobile phone screen to a super-wide canvas, and even photographic print sizes. Choose camera lenses, lighting, color, or even a huge list of art movements and famous artists. Don’t have what you want? Select CUSTOM and write in your own artist, or add your own terms to the MyData sheet (your very own private database). You can even click the SAVE button to save all of your prompts with date and time, add notes, or click CLEAR to reset the entire form and start over (buttons run an external script, so you just need to allow that one time and they will work perfectly).

What is new?

Prompter contains a LOT of changes (view changelog), but the user interface looks and feels exactly the same. The most exciting part is now that the interface links to specific bookmarks in the Prompter Visual Notebook, which has tons of visual examples of artists, colors, light, and aspect ratios. Feeling uninspired? Scroll through the images and see what you might want to try out! Prompter has a HUGE list of descriptors. I combined my extensive list of terms with some new ones, thanks to the amazing organization of Will Wulfken and his AI testing on GitHub, and also a ton of AI trained artists from the Artist Visual Style Encyclopedia by Sincarnate.

Things in AI are changing constantly, and so I decided to make all of these tools Google Drive based. If a feature is added or removed, the notebook will be updated for everyone. Nothing is worse than an old PDF floating around with incorrect info – so I think Google Drive was the way to go… Also, the Prompter spreadsheet uses a cloud based system, so I can add new descriptors and they will load right into your sheet! Lastly, if I update Prompter, your sheet will check for new versions and a link will appear at the top if your version is old. We are all in this together, so please contact me if you notice any issues or have new ideas to add to Prompter!

Click below to make a copy to your Google Drive!

A note from the creator: I see AI like MidJourney to be all about the collective creative hivemind, and so tools like this should be public as well. That said, I included a donation button, so if you appreciate my work, all donations will help me pay the monthly MidJourney fees and stay in this wonderful community. Thank you for all the support!

(an extensive database of terms, cloud based, so it is always being updated)
(A simple external script to make the SAVE and CLEAR buttons work, also muti-select. You will need to accept the script one time, then it will always work without issue. Feel free to look at the code: it’s super basic)
(use MyData to compile a list of your own private terms to use in Prompter)
(click the SAVE button to keep records of all your prompts, write notes about what worked or didn’t)

Below are some examples of MidJourney AI’s text-to-image from my prompts.

Privacy Policy

I (Shane McGeehan) do not collect or sell any personal user information when you use Prompter. Prompter is a spreadsheet you can copy to your personal Google Drive, and is then completely private to you.

The additional Google Apps Script (currently awaiting verification from Google) simply adds greater functionality to the spreadsheet, but is not needed. Accepting the script adds support for multi-select drop-down menus, as well as the SAVE and CLEAR buttons, but no user data is ever sent externally. My website ( uses Google Analytics to track anonymous page visits, and I just use it so I can see the scope of my audience and daily visits.

The only case in which I might get access to personal information (such as your name, email, Facebook, Discord, or MidJourny) is by you contacting me with support questions or ideas or offering donations. I will never share or use this information beyond one-on-one communication, and possibly a kind thank you email for donations. If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT me at any time.

Terms Of Service

I (Shane McGeehan) am the creator of Prompter, and I am not in any way affiliated with MidJourney, Discord, or any other related entity. I am a private developer who just enjoys creating tools for better automation. Really, I am just a weird artist guy who gets bored and makes awesome spreadsheets.

I created Prompter to help the community with prompt formation in MidJourney. Though I can not guarantee that Prompter will make your images exactly how you envision them, I think you will find it to be a great resource in helping you with terminology and the understanding of how prompts work. I also can’t guarantee that Prompter will always work perfectly, as MidJourney tends to update often, but I plan to keep up to date as quickly as possible.

Prompter is free to copy and modify for personal use. By copying Prompter, you agree not to use the name, design, or organization of data for your own personal gain. Please CONTACT me if you have any questions.

Prompter is copyright © 2022 Shane McGeehan,

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