(the artist, in black and white.)

I enjoy finding experimental ways of working. This body of work began by placing a set of rules on myself. Each image would be (1) a self-portrait (2) in black and white (3) against a black background (4) with only one main light source. Each image involved very little pre-planning, as I prefer to let spontaneity drive my creativity. I typically began with a vague theme, then attempted to solve this problem creatively.

This series is a collection of photographs that go beyond the traditional definition of self-portrait. Many times a self-portrait gives a glimpse into the persons job, or style, or social class. Here I attempted to show less of myself and more of my mind as an artist.

Given the poetic subject matter, I feel that the work itself is perhaps some kind of analytical or psychological research of the self: Myself. Being that they are portraits of me, created entirely by me, and thought up by my conscious or subconscious, I cannot help but to wonder if the imagery and poetry of the work points to some part of my personality that even I may not know about.

Selected Works