New Works

(photography + textiles)

As an artist I am always tying to find new ways to evolve and display work. A photograph no longer needs to look like a photograph, and no longer needs to be a frame on a wall… In my latest series, I have developed many techniques in Adobe Photoshop in order to transform ordinary photographs into complex patterns, designs, and tessellations.

Since pattern lends itself so well to textiles, I am printing them on fabric rather than paper. I am trying to broaden the spectrum of photography into the world of textiles… The featured image below is a photograph under a bridge in Charleston, SC that has been manipulated into an abstract symmetric tapestry.

Selected Textiles


In another project about patterning photography, I am working on a series of mandalas. Similarly, these are created by mirroring photographs, blending them using various methods, and sometimes even bringing them into Adobe Illustrator to add graphic design to them. These are a work in progress and more information about the final form of this work will be decided upon in the coming months.

Selected Mandalas


The Dreaming State